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LOOKING FORWARD: Shows We're Excited to See

Continuing our support of productions that embrace inclusion for artists and audiences, below are shows that you can buy tickets to this week that we feel are moving our community in the right direction. Let your wallet do the talking. Buy tickets to shows that celebrate inclusion.​ Then write to producers and tell them you want to see more of it. Decision makers are led by numbers and this is one way we can all make a difference.

Timeline Theatre presents The Last Wife

Written by Kate Hennig

Directed by Nick Bowling

Fresh off an acclaimed debut at the Stratford Festival in Canada, TimeLine presents the U.S. premiere of this feminist and fearless new play, a funny and timely examination of politics, sex, and women’s rights. Katherine Parr is smart and passionate: a rising star in a world of intense competition. She also has just been crowned the sixth wife of King Henry VIII. In the process, she’s started an illicit affair, inherited three children, and begun her own political career. Now’s not the time to lose her head. The Last Wife is a bold and contemporary return to Tudor England that confronts issues as relevant today as they were 500 years ago.

Ensemble includes: AnJi White, Steve Pickering, Nate Santana, Paola Sanchez Abreu, Caroline Heffernan, Peyton Shaffer, Matthew Abraham and Chinguun Sergelen

Performed at Timeline Theatre

at TimeLine Theatre, 615 W. Wellington Ave.

Through December 18


Reserve your tickets HERE

Windy City Playhouse presents Apartment 3A

Written by Jeff Daniels

Directed by Ron OJ Parson

It might be the nicest apartment in the building, but it can’t possibly be enough to make up for the day that Annie has had. A nasty breakup, an on-air meltdown, and a fledgling romance have left her faithless and heartbroken. So when a simple visit from an enigmatic new neighbor starts to change things for the better, Annie has to ask: is it fate? Luck? Or… divine intervention?

Featuring Wardell Julius Clark, Peter Defaria, Jose Tony Garcia, Eleni Pappageorge and Daniel Smith

Performed at Windy City Playhouse

3014 W Irving Park Road

Through December 18

TICKETS $25-55

Reserve your tickets HERE

Steep Theatre presents Bobbie Clearly

Written by Alex Lubischer

Directed by Josh Sobel

Nobody from the town of Milton, Nebraska ever gave much thought to Bobbie before the tragedy in the cornfield. Two years later, it's hard for them to think of much else. In the darkly comic Bobbie Clearly, a community opens up about life in the aftermath and making sense of senseless violence.

Featuring McKenzie Chinn, David Fisch, Roy Gonzalez, Nick Horst, Tom Jansson, Erika Napoletano, Paloma Nozicka, Miguel Nunez, Joel Reitsma, Melissa Riemer and Carson Schroeder

Performed at Steep Theatre

1115 W Berwyn Ave

Through November 5

TICKETS $10-35

Reserve your tickets HERE

Haven Theatre presents How We Got On

Written by Idris Goodwin

Directed by Jess McLeod

In this remixed coming-of-age an all-knowing DJ loops us through the tracks of three Midwestern teen rappers stranded in suburbia. Determined to find their artistic voices, Hank, Julian, and Luann are forced to combat the discord of crude technology, family disfunction, and ruthless rivalries as this B-Side of 1980’s hip-hop history is spun. Plug in your open mind and join Haven Theatre’s Chicago premiere of a throwback mixtape that goes to prove, we’re all just a work-in-progress.

Ensemble includes Johnathan Michael Nieves, Tevion Lanier, Angela Alise and Ireon Roach

Performing at the Den Theatre

1333 N Milwaukee Ave

Through November 12

TICKETS $12-32 Reserve your tickets HERE

A Red Orchid Theatre presents The Room

Written by Harold Pinter

Directed by Dado

By turns terrifying, moving and wildly funny, The Room is Pinter’s very first play. Rose prefers to stay in, safe from the hostile world outside, but her seemingly cozy sanctuary is continually being invaded. With visits from the landlord, a couple in search of their own space, a stranger and the return of her husband, it becomes increasingly unclear whether the menace comes from within or without. The Room is a precarious examination of private fears vs. social fears, as seen through the lens of the working class.

Featuring Kirsten Fitzgerald, HB Ward, Anish Jethmalani, Mierka Girten, Dano Duran and Jo Jo Brown

Performed at the Alexandra C. and John D. Nichols Stage

Through November 13

TICKETS $15-35

Reserve your tickets HERE

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