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The Chicago Inclusion Project is excited to launch a new educational workshop developed by staff members Jessica Vann and Arti Ishak.


Our foundational workshop Being Anti- Racist: An Active Action is designed for Theatre & Arts organizations and individuals who are looking for a comprehensive deep-dive into anti-racist art practices and actionable steps in becoming an anti-racist organization. After taking this workshop, your company will have a deeper understanding of where you stand and where you could be, giving you a clear idea of actions you can take to move into the next stage.


Being anti racist: 

an active action

  1. Identify bias hidden within "industry norms"

  2. Articulate & interrupt harmful behavior when you see it happen

  3. Interrogate systems of discrimination to find alternative structures

  4. Create an actionable plan to move towards anti-racist representation using The Continuum of Anti-Racist Representation




 Friday November 5th 2PM-6PM on Zoom,

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At this time our personalized Consultation Services have concluded our pilot sessions and are back in development to launch Spring 2022! 


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