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photo credit: Joe Mazza at Brave-Lux The following is a full transcript of the post show dicussion, following our non-traditionally cast staged reading of "The Time of Your Life" that took place Monday June 1, 2015 at Victory Gardens Theatre Sandra Marquez (Moderator): Let's begin. I want to start with your responses to the reading. Just throw out words, phrases, what struck you about the reading tonight? Patron 1: Alive. Patron 2: Diversity. Patron 3: Contemporary. Patron 4: Honest. Patron 5: Warm. Patron 6: Fun. Patron 7: Provoking. Patron 8: Poetic. Sandra: I found it beautiful. I found it mournful. I'm from Fresno, California, so Soroyan's our guy. We claim him. We have Fresno pride

"Every man is a variation of yourself." - William Saroyan

photo credit: Diego Colon "Why this play?" Michael Thornton asked me, hours before the performance. The short answer was because I liked it and I wanted to see these actors in these roles. The longer answer was in the stage directions, halfway through the first act. When describing the bar the play is set in, Saroyan states that "each person belongs to the environment, in his own person, as himself...It's a good, lowdown honky-tonk American place that lets people alone." At its best, the stage is this to all Chicago artists. It is a safe space that allows us to be the complex characters that we are, to play and discover and be. Nick's Pacific Street Saloon is a place where people can drea

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