A Fond Farewell to American Theater Company

Almost exactly a month ago, American Theater Company officially closed its doors, sending shockwaves and broken hearts throughout the Chicago theater community. An institution in this city since the 80’s, ATC underwent more than a few changes, rifts and leaders, employing hundreds of artists and several explorations of the question “What does it mean to be American?” The Chicago Inclusion Project was proud to collaborate with ATC in the last couple of seasons, a partnership which began almost the moment Will Davis became Artistic Director. Today we celebrate the impact the company made on so many of us… At ATC, I was consistently welcomed, valued, challenged, moved, and inspired by all of

Looking Forward Chicago Shows We're Excited About

Continuing our support of productions that embrace inclusion for artists and audiences, below are shows open or opening soon in Chicago that we feel are moving our community forward. As a staff, we have not necessarily seen all of these shows but are really glad they are happening. We are excited to list shows that offer some or all of the following: - Non-traditional casting - Accessible storytelling - Variety of perspectives on the design and production teams - Playwrights/Directors from underrepresented communities - Diversity in season programming Buy tickets to shows that celebrate inclusion. Then write to producers and tell them you want more of it. Decision makers are led by numbers

BRAIN PICKING: A Story Told in 7 Fights

“We didn’t ask to see a conversation between two white men! What we did say is both of you should shut the fuck up and listen!” I am part of the cast of A Story Told In 7 Fights at The Neo-Futurist Theater and some of the cast members and our director were able to answer some questions that I and other members of the Chicago Inclusion Project had about A Story Told In 7 Fights. Thank you to cast members Arti Ishak, Stephanie Shum, Rasell Holt, Jen Ellison, TJ Medel, and director Tony Santiago for answering these questions. What made you say, “yes” to working on this show? Arti: Tony Santiago and Gaby Labotka at the helm. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been a fan of the Neos since I first moved here

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