Chicago Inclusion Project Partners with Chicago Cultural Alliance

Chicago Inclusion Project Founder and Producer Emjoy Gavino announces a new partnership between The Chicago Inclusion Project, a collective dedicated to championing inclusion and diversity in Chicago theatre, and The Chicago Cultural Alliance, a consortium of Chicago-area ethnic museums and cultural centers whose mission is to effect social change and public understanding of cultural diversity through first voice perspectives. The new partnership will expand on an earlier CIP series of salon-style play readings led by Chicago Inclusion Project Program Coordinator Jeff Trainor in neighborhoods throughout Chicagoland, with The Chicago Cultural Alliance now hosting the readings in their many ve

Live and Learn

In 2015 I was forced to see the state of our stages through altered eyes. For my entire career I have enjoyed opportunities that I hadn't fully realized were limited. I grew up seeing Black people on television so frequently that representation did not appear to be lacking. As a child I watched Sesame Street and Electric Company, two extremely influential shows that featured people of color. I grew up with Sanford and Son, Good Times, What's Happenin', The Jeffersons, 227, Amen, Gimme a Break, Benson, Roc, Family Matters, and of course The Cosby Show, A Different World, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Living Single and In Living Color. There are many shows that I did not watch, but with this ma

The Case Against (or For) the Case Against Colorblind Casting

A little over a week ago, an article written by Angelica Jade Bastien for The Atlantic made its rounds on social media. You can read it here for reference. The article was posted and re-shared, sometimes without comment, sometimes with words of support, a few with arguments adamantly against it. Bastien poses the question, "when does acceptance [of colorblind casting] become erasure?" and uses the success of Oscar Isaac's acting career as an example. Because the author touched on so many interesting topics within her piece, we were curious to know how different Chicago artists felt about it. While some took issue with a few of her statements, we found it an incredible jumping off point f

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