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LOOKING FORWARD: Chicago Shows We're Excited to See

Continuing our support of productions that embrace inclusion for artists and audiences, below are shows that you can buy tickets to THIS WEEK that we feel are moving our community in the right direction. Let your wallet do the talking. Buy tickets to shows that celebrate inclusion.​ Then write to producers and tell them you want to see more of it. Decision makers are led by numbers and this is one way we can all make a difference.

Neverbird Project (in collaboration with Athe students of Alexander Graham Bell School's Sign/Voice Theatre Program) presents Pinnochio

Directed and Adapted by Katy Boza and Levi Holloway

Playing April 1-April 9 at the Alexander Graham Bell School

3730 N Oakley Avenue, Chicago, IL

Pinocchio is about allowing joy and grief to exist in your heart simultaneously. It's a love letter to the youth we lose, no matter how hard we try to hold onto it- and the life that's ahead of us- just so long as we put one foot in front of the other. With the collaboration of Deaf and Hearing actors, it is the story of a puppet, a toy maker, and the dead girl who strings them together.

Ticket Prices: $5-$8 Buy tickets HERE

Brown Paper Box Company presents Julius Caesar

Directed by Lavina Jadhwani

Playing through April 3 at The Greenhouse Theatre

2257 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL

Brown Paper Box Co. presents Shakespeare's tale of Brutus, a young political leader forced to choose between personal alliances to his home and political loyalties to his state. Guest director Lavina Jadhwani reexamines the world's most famous assassination story — featuring a female Julius Caesar, female Mark Antony, and male Calphurnia — told through a gender-conscious lens.

Ticket Prices: $25 Buy tickets HERE

The show features Amy Malcom, Jeff Kurysz, Vahishta Vafadari, Dan Toot, Susan Myburgh, Dan Cobbler, Abie Irabor and T.J. Anderson

The Hypocrites presents Adding Machine: A Musical

Directed by Geoff Button

Playing through May 15 at The Den Theatre's Heath Mainstage

1329 N Milwaukee Avenue

Mr. Zero, a modern-day everyman, hates his wife, he hates his job, he hates his lot in life. After twenty-five years spent adding figures for the same company, he comes to work one day only to find he’s been replaced by a machine. Beleaguered and broken, Zero’s journey takes him to confounding places both here and in the afterlife as he struggles to believe that his life will ever amount to something. Adding Machine: A Musical is an expressionistic tale of love, murder, and salvation.

Ticket Prices: $28-36 Buy tickets HERE

The show features Neala Barron, Bear Bellinger, Tyler Brown, Patrick Du Laney, Andres Enriquez, Kelli Harrington, Laura McClain, John Taflan and Jonah D. Winston

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