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What Can I Do?

"What can I do?"

That is a question I ask myself constantly when it comes to the lack of diversity that I see in theater, on screen, and in design.

"What can I do?" There are things that I have done that I think are helpful. Giving words of support, drawing attention towards shows and work that embrace diversity, and supporting the artists who are working on those shows through text, Kickstarter, and word of mouth.

"What can I do?" I continue to see companies cast all white. They have their reasons, but to me, it is a lost opportunity and the reasons, quite frankly, are lazy.

There is more that I can do. The actions that I have taken before are helpful but not enough.

"What can I do?" I can say No. I can say No to all white casts. I can say No to auditioning for companies that continue to lack diversity within their season. I can ask during an audition, "Are you going to be casting diversely within this show?" If the answer is No, then I will say No.

There are too many voices not being heard. There are too many faces not being seen. We can either choose to be a part of the problem or the solution.

"What can I do?" I can choose to be a part of the solution through action.

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