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LOOKING FORWARD: Chicago Shows We're Excited About

Continuing our support of productions that embrace inclusion for artists and audiences, below are shows that you can buy tickets to THIS WEEK that we feel are moving our community in the right direction. Let your wallet do the talking. Buy tickets to shows that celebrate inclusion.​ Then write to producers and tell them you want to see more of it. Decision makers are led by numbers and this is one way we can all make a difference.

Northlight Theatre presents Charm directed by BJ Jones

playing now through November 8 at Steppenwolf's Merle Reskin Garage Theatre

1624 N Halsted, Chicago, IL

Charm by Philip Dawkins depicts the colorful inner workings of an etiquette class taught by Mama Darleena Andrews, an African-American transgender woman, in an LGBTQ organization known as The Center. Mama attempts to share her rules of proper behavior with a youth group ranging in sexuality, race and gender identity from a Latina transwoman to a cisgendered straight black couple to a gay suburban teen. Though her students initially struggle to see how etiquette relates to their daily battles with identity, poverty and prejudice, Mama's powerful love and unapologetic attitude eventually win them over.

Ticket Prices: $20-40 buy tickets here

The cast includes Armand Fields, Elizabeth Ledo, Monica Lopez Orozco, Julian Parker, Awate Serequeberhan, Matt Sherbach, Namir Smallwood , Brittney Love Smith , and Dexter Zollicoffer.

Free Street Theatre presents Track 13: A Playformance for Deonta Mackey

playing now through October 23 at Free Street Theater, 3rd floor of the Pulaski Park Field House, 1419 West Blackhawk Chicago, IL

The Young Fugitives' TRACK 13 takes the death of Deonta Mackey as a launching pad to explore the history of crime and policing, the present day realities of relentless racialized state violence, and the impact of growing up in Chicago in communities under pressure. Written and performed by young adults of color too often in the line of fire, TRACK 13 grapples to understand: Why is it that 50 years after the Civil Rights Act youth are being shot by those enforcing the laws their grandparents fought to change? As we chant #BlackLivesMatter, are some deaths easier to rally behind than others? How does state violence against Black women, Latinos, or queer and trans people fit into this equation? Are some youth really just "thugs"? TRACK 13 approaches these questions in a 50 minute physical theater piece directed by Ricardo Gamboa with Sean J.W. Parris with an original soundtrack composed by Sadie Woods.

**IMPORTANT: This show contains representations of violence. Please use discretion in deciding to bring younger children. TRACK 13 is recommended for audiences 13 and over.**

Ticket Prices: pay what you can buy tickets here

The cast includes Garcia, Elijah Ruiz, Eliseo Real, Omari Ferrell, Patches Blanton and Tyran Freeman

Oracle Theatre and Red Theater Chicago present R + J: The Vineyard

playing now through October 23 at Oracle Theatre,

3809 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL

Capulet and Montague families ignite intense cultural lines between hearing and non-hearing in 1890’s Martha’s Vineyard when a unique deaf/hearing bilingual agricultural community gave way to a budding tourism industry. This beautiful and physical production is both spoken and performed in American Sign Language and is intended for all audiences. It is produced with coordination from Five Eyes Project.

Ticket Prices: Free Get tickets here

The cast includes Brendan Connelly, McKenna Liesman, Brenda Scott Wlazlo, Chris Schroeder, Jeff Kuryz, Richard Costes, Lona Livingston, Beth Harris, Simone Zebo, Pavi Proczko and Mike Stark

16th Street Theatre presents MARIPOSA NOCTURNA: A Puppet Triptych

playing October 22 Through November 1st at 16th Street Theatre

6420 16th St, Berwyn, IL 60402

A child’s wish for her dying grandmother to have “a happy sleep” results in a bawdy, Japanese shadow-dream; a pair of bird-headed spinsters suddenly find themselves custodians of a large, glowing egg; a lonely toy carriage embarks upon a jaunty odyssey in search of buried dreams. Employing handcrafted tabletop and shadow puppets, Mariposa Nocturna explores loss, longing and rebirth in this gently humorous, darkly beautiful and emotionally resonant work.

In honor of the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), we welcome you to bring a photo of a loved one who’s passed on to contribute to the community altar.

**Mariposa Nocturna runs 55 minutes and is not recommended for audiences under the age of 8.

Ticket Price: $18 buy tickets here

The cast includes Stephanie Diaz, Jessica Mondres, Jazmin Corona, Laura Shatkus, Izzy Strazzabosco, Chris Hauser and Hannah Bennett

Steppenwolf Theatre Company presents 1984 directed by Hallie Gordon

playing October 21-November 20 in the Upstairs Theatre

1650 N Halsted St Chicago, IL

Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth located in the nation of Oceania, part of a vast empire in a constant, shifting war against other superstates. Dissent is not tolerated (not even in thought), and Winston and his fellow citizens are under perpetual electronic surveillance by their ever-watchful ruler Big Brother. When Winston falls in love with a co-worker, their illegal affair pushes them to rebel and face the darkest and most dangerous corners of the regime. On the heels of last year’s gripping Animal Farm, Steppenwolf for Young Adults presents Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece in a multi-media production that is a haunting, shockingly timely look at a future that seems disturbingly present.

Ticket Price: $20 buy tickets here

The cast includes Matthew Abraham, Atra Asdou, Lance Baker, Elizabeth Birnkrant,Manny Buckley, Dennis Grimes, Tyrone Phillips and Adam Poss.

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