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Artist Profile: Elizabeth Ledo

Actor CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Selected Theatres: Court, Goodman, Chicago Shakespeare, Northlight, Steppenwolf, Drury Lane, About Face, Indiana Rep, Writers, Lookingglass, Marriot Lincolnshire. She has done 20 shows with Milwaukee Repertory Theatre Selected media: Boss, Chicago Fire and the ABC pilot Doubt; Voice talent with Stewart Talent Agency; Numerous televisions and radio spots and a regular with The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas Training: Loyola University of Chicago THOUGHTS ON INCLUSION

Ethnic background: I am 50% Cuban and 50% Cornish. Think about that battle that?s going on inside me! Usually cast: Nowadays, character roles. So-- the maid? the saucy maid. The person that helps you through things as a maid. The best friend who makes her living-- as a maid. Dream roles: women who have a little maturity, that have lived some life, and can comment on that life that they've lived, and are recognized as people who are coming from something and are going into something in a transition. Unfortunate casting situations: when it is assumed that I am gay, and therefore that I can't have, or show, or reveal sexuality toward a male. Pigeonholed in that gayness. That's unfortunate, because I can love the boys. I want directors to know that I do this for a living, and therefore if you want me to try something I can try it, and I can probably nail it for you, too.

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