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Professional Training Series

Our professional training series exists to empower artists from marginalized communities to mine their craft in a safe space.  It will consist of master classes, workshops and lectures from Chicago artists, wanting to share their expertise with those who may not have had access to the tools necessary to sustain a career in theatre.  By offering affordable classes virtually and in accessible spaces, we are removing a few barriers to these artists who deserve to have a place on our stages.

All classes will be pay what you can!

There is limited capacity and enrollment will be limited.

Unless otherwise noted, classes will take place online. 

fall classes

Advocacy, Boundaries and Communication

in Theatre and Film

September 7, 6pm

Advocacy, Boundaries and Communication

in Theatre and Film

September 7, 6pm


body weight fitness

Fundamental Boxing Technique

September 19, 10am


Welles Park 2333 W Sunnyside Ave,

by the gazebo
*socially distanced and with a very limited capacity

This class will be an introduction to fundamental boxing basics including your stance, the 6 punches, and footwork, combined with strengthening and cardio exercises utilizing nothing but your body and a yoga mat.

The most difficult part of this class will be getting on the ground and off the ground quickly, (planks/sprawls/burpees), and that a range of modifications will be provided for each move and the clients can self-select the modification that works best for their body. The instructor will give a number of options so students can choose which works best for their bodies that day.

This beginner boxing class is for anybody and every body interested in learning to box.  


Arti Ishak (she/her/hers) Originally from Detroit, Arti Ishak is a multidisciplinary artist and community organizer in Chicago. Recent theatre credits include Kiss (Haven), Witch (Writers), Buried Child (Writers), Men On Boats (American Theater Company), Venus in Fur (Circle Theatre). Tv Credits: Chicago Med (NBC). As a filmmaker she’s known for her short comedy Shukran Bas that went viral for satirizing Middle Eastern misrepresentation in TV/Film. As a director she is currently developing Mosque4Mosque, the first Arab & Muslim play to be a part of Steppenwolf’s cannon, as part of their SCOUT program. She’s one of the founding organizers with MENASA MidWest, an action network & advocacy group for Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian American artists working in theatre/film/tv.  Repped by Paonessa Talent Agency. 

monologue boot camp

Finding Truth, Connection and Confidence

September 21 & 22, 6pm

Chicago actor and director Elana Elyce aims to help you find and tell the character's truth, creating a whole person, and telling a full story. To maximize the time, actor should be very familiar with their chosen monologue.

This one on one session will be offered in 30 minute increments. It is open to anyone who wants to give a full performance in one to two minutes.


Elana Elyce (she/her/hers) is from Detroit, Michigan and has been living, performing, writing, coaching and directing in and around Chicago since 2007. She is an ensemble member of Interrobang Theatre Project, where she also serves as Artistic Producer. She has been coaching actors for over 20 years, in groups and one on one. You can learn more random stuff about her at

meditation & Mindfulness happy hour

Finding Peace of Mind

September 25, 6:30pm

Many of us are facing the unknown and struggling with being in one space day to day. We are navigating a pandemic, a battle for racial justice, and an economic crisis. So, how do we find time and space to breathe? How can we implement self-care into our daily lives? We know meditation and breathwork can provide some respite...but how do we get there?

Work with meditation expert, Minita Gandhi, founder of Minita Studio, to learn tools that you can use every day to create more calm in your life. Meditation and breathwork can reduce anxiety, increase respiratory function, cure insomnia, and most of all improve your peace of mind. Whether it’s your first time meditating or if you already have a healthy practice, join Minita as she guides you through various meditation styles and shares her self-care practices for this time of sheltering at home. Minita will also offer a brief introduction to manifestation, for those seeking to release patterns that no longer serve you and to help to align you with a path that feels more true to purpose now.

This class is a BIPOC, LGBTQ+, gender inclusive friendly environment. Everyone is welcome. Families are welcome to come to this and practice together. 


Minita Gandhi (she/her/hers) is an intuitive healer and energy worker, 250- RYT yoga therapist, Reiki-I certified practitioner, and manifestation coach. Born in Mumbai, India, and raised under the principles of Jainism and Ayurveda, Minita has been a life-long vegetarian practicing the laws of ahimsa (non-violence). She has been healing with energy and her hands since childhood and teaching manifestation principles and meditation for over 20+ years. She is a life-long student of yoga and certified under David Adams in the Hatha tradition of Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar. Minita teaches private/group sessions for meditation/healing/manifestation. She has had the privilege of being the resident meditation expert for The Show Must Go on Show, and has taught groups at SAP, Family Equality, and Mindful Practices. To learn more or book a session with Minita please visit Minita is a strong believer in making healing and peace of mind accessible to everyone.

storytelling urlife

Discovering Your Own Stories

October 5, 6pm

URLife is the game we play when we sit around the table with our families or re catching up with an old friend on the phone, except you don't get to decide what you talk about. Everyone has a memory that they can connect to very specific words. That's all this is, URLife playing cards tap into a memory that a set of words will help you remember. Brains think 60,000 thoughts a day! URLife takes one of those thoughts and turns it into a story. You know your life better than anyone, URLife gets you to share one short chapter with us. If you're more of a listener, you can help someone else discover their story. If you're a teller, you can show people how and where they can mine for their stories.

This class is open to anyone that wants to tap into their stories or mine for stories or wants to listen to stories. 

Untitled design(6).png

Lily Be (she/her/anything respectful) is a Chicago born accidental artist who has been able to learn everything she knows by relying heavily on her faith, community, experiences, and wisdom. Having never aspired to be an artist, she is grateful for every opportunity she gets. She is grateful that the work she gets to do inspires other everyday people to tap into their creative spirits. Lily Be works everyday to connect, collaborate, and create with anyone open to using storytelling to make a difference in their lives or the lives of others. 

And Much More to come...

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